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Impact of Green Roofs and Green Walls on the Biodiversity in Luxembourg City and urban areas.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Green roofs and green walls have a very positive impact on the biodiversity in Luxembourg's urban areas.

Advantages of green roofs:

  1. Habitat creation: Green roofs provide a new habitat for plants, insects, and other small animals, which can contribute to increased biodiversity in urban areas.

  2. Soil improvement: The soil on green roofs can improve over time, supporting a wider range of plant species and increasing the overall biodiversity of the roof.

  3. Stormwater management: Green roofs can help reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality, providing a beneficial habitat for aquatic species and reducing stress on local waterways.

Advantages of green walls:

  1. Vertical habitat: Green walls provide a vertical habitat for plants and animals, which can be particularly valuable in densely populated urban areas where there is limited green space.

  2. Improved air quality: The plants on green walls can help improve air quality by removing pollutants and producing oxygen.

  3. Thermal regulation: Green walls can provide thermal regulation, helping to reduce the urban heat island effect and creating a more hospitable environment for wildlife.

However, it is important to note that the specific impact of green roofs and green walls on biodiversity will depend on the design, maintenance, and management of the systems. To maximize their positive impact, green roofs and green walls should be designed to include a diversity of plant species and to provide suitable habitats for wildlife. Proper maintenance and management are also important to ensure that the systems remain functional and supportive of biodiversity over time.

At Sound-Ecology Sàrl, we provide the design, the planning, oversee the construction and provide maintenance for green roof and green walls.

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