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Conservation of Biodiversity is a necessity for global sustainability. The responsible use of the natural heritage has become an ethical commitment.

Changes in land use, occupancy and construction have a direct impact on natural habitats. National and local governments have implemented conservation laws, regulations, and recommendations to protect Biodiversity as a measure for social progress and economic development. Sound Ecology assists clients to comply.

Biodiversity Managment

SOUND ECOLOGY monitors the results and effectiveness of environmental measures:

Monitoring is implemented at the start of the project and depending on the requirements of our customers at any point at any point thereafter.


  • Maintenance of ecologically sensitive areas on street level buildings and real estate projects

  • Botanical- and Faunistic Surveys

  • Recommendations regarding maintenance that protects biodiversity and promotes the  installation of new habitats and species in newly built areas (at street, wall or roof level). Eg. Recommendations regarding ecological mowing.

Biodiversity Monitoring, by means of botanical and faunistic surveys, manifest our clients’ environmental efforts. It signals to the clients’ customers, that the environment and biodiversity are important to the project owners, by investing in the scientific monitoring of species and habitats. Biodiversity will develop and return over time thanks to care and commitment towards nature and science. The surveys establish clearly how ecological restoration measures are scientifically efficacious. At Sound Ecology, we don’t limit ourselves to performing scientific studies. We also provide you with the means to communicate the results of the studies using clear and engaging public presentation tools: posters, large panels, graphics, brochures, photography etc. in styles and on media appropriate to your audience.

Ecological Assessments

Ecological Assessments & Planning of Compensation Measures for Construction Projects

 Planning as part of authorization requests for construction projects (Ecopoints)



For compliance with the Law of 18th July 2018 for the "Protection of Nature and Natural Resources" we provide the following services:


  1. Assessment of the initial ecological value of the construction site

  2. Review of the construction plans to establish the ecological balance = number of ecopoints of the original habitat vs. number of ecopoints after the proposed completion.

  3. Sound Ecology provides recommendations for the design and management of new elements and habitats, to maintain most of the functions and features of existing ecosystems and to compensate for the loss of biodiversity. After a feasibility assessment with the client, Sound Ecology produces a Biodiversity Assessment Report, which constitutes the main piece of the Environmental Authorization Application dossier.

  4. We submit the application for authorization to the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development in Luxembourg.

  5. S.E.  follows up on the authorization request with the ministry.

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Environmental Managment
Environmental Management Consultancy

For your projects on the ground or elevated


Sound Ecology advises clients on ecological management of green spaces and ecological landscaping. We work with them to plan maintenance and produce management plans, which ensure that our clients' chosen options are made clear to the maintenance staff.


We can also advise you on the design and management of all your green roof and green wall projects, for scientifically effective sustainable greening. 

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