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Today, the importance of achieving and maintaining Biodiversity is recognised by all walks of life. Obviously, actions are taken by governments. But there are also ways that individuals, groups and corporations can act on their own and help to make changes.

Sound Ecology provides training and educational tools for corporations and government institutions to help raising awareness in the general public. Our staff is trained in pedagogy and education. In particular, our team specializes in communicating scientific and technical information in ways that anybody can understand.

Our Services
Educational Workshops

Training and Workshops:


  • Biodiversity

  • Urban biodiversity

  • Green roofs and green walls

  • Medicinal and edible plants

  • Meetings between scientists and the general public

Our training courses are open to all interested parties including real estate developers, cities, communes, architects, landscape architects, gardeners, schools, and interested private individuals.

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Educational Info-boards

We design multilingual info-boards for eco-friendly communes and organisations 

- Design

- Content

- Coordination of Installation



Info-boards installed at Kirchberg, Avenue John F. Kennedy, displaying the results of a biodiversity monitoring and ecological design programme.A project, initiated by the Nature and Forest Administration in cooperation with the Road and Bridges Administration of the Kirchberg Fund.

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We write, design and publish educational brochures for our clients

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Educational Brochures
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