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We grew up in Luxembourg, a country with large diversity, culturally, economically and with an amazing natural heritage. Our team is young, dynamic and professional. We want to help preserve this heritage for us and future generations!

Our work is based on science! We have studied and promoted biodiversity since 2012. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of high quality living spaces for everyone and all forms of life.

We work and optimize our work with ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing products thanks to our scientific approach/background and technical expertise. 

We have respect for people, their environments, and the opportunity of preserving, shaping and sharing our living spaces!

Our goal is to contribute towards greening our living spaces, villages, homes, and work spaces through Biodiversity Management and monitoring of natural habitats for cities, communes, architects, developers, and homeowners.

Private Homes, Commercial Developments, Infrastructure and Public-sector Projects all have the potential to either limit or advance biodiversity. Whether you want to monitor or increase biodiversity in your area or building project, Sound Ecology helps you support natural life, in all its shapes and forms, letting it flourish and thrive.

Restoring, maintaining, and monitoring the development of increased Biodiversity has never been easier.




Green Roofs

A green roof replaces the ecology the house sits upon, replacing the habitat the building takes away. At SoundEcology, we design build and maintain Green Roofs. We are innovative and active in research concerning the usability of local materials. Our research is ongoing. Example: Material mined from quarries in Luxembourg is being used and investigated, replacing imported materials. This has proven to be cost effective.
Green Walls

Benefits of green walls:  Contribution to better air quality,  naturally lower the temperature and cool buildings, protect walls against UV rays (prolonging buildings’ lifespans), insulate buildings from noise, provide shade for windows in summer while letting in more light during winter. 

Biodiversity Management

We provide Consulting and Management of Biodiversity services, including: Ecological assessments and compensation measures as part of authorization applications for construction projects.

Biodiversity Monitoring - Botanical Surveys

Faunistic Surveys

Green Roofs
Our Team


Malika Pailhès

Co-founder, Master’s Degree in Biology & Bachelor in special education, Manager, Supervisor of scientific activities, Supervisor of green roof and green wall projects, as well as all types of landscaping.

Mark Vogt

Co-founder, Master’s Degree equivalent (Lehramt in Germany) in Pedagogy, Music and English, Manager, Head of communication and educational projects

François Kuborn

Master’s Degree in biology, Project manager, Botanical monitoring, Ecological assessments, Biodiversity expertise

Marie Kayser

Zoologist, associate fauna assessments

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